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Tahoe Show Moves to Squaw Valley USA

The 2020 Tahoe Show will take place at Squaw Valley, home of the 1960 Olympics.

COVID-19 Restrictions in Nevada have required that we move the 2020 Tahoe Show. But not to worry, the new venue is no compromise! We will be taking over the Resort at Squaw Creek, located in the stunningly beautiful Squaw Valley. The dates of September 26 & 27 will be the same.

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The show will take place at the “Bodybuilding Pavilion”, a COVID-19 compliant, covered, open air venue. The stage back drop will be the sun setting on the Cliffs of Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Tickets are available but extremely limited. VIP tickets will be sold first. If COVID-19 restrictions reduce our capacity, VIP tickets will be the last tickets that would be cancelled. The event is located in Placer County which has recently been removed form the COVID-19 watch list. We expect to be able to offer a limited number of regular tickets as we receive additional guidelines for the event.

We will have many sports and fitness vendors. We have ample room in our vendor pavilion at the event and we are able to accept more vendors. Should your company be interested in participating, please see our SPONSORSHIP PAGE.

The resort includes fabulous amenities like a full gym, restaurants, hiking, spa, 18-Hole Golf Course, Fly-Fishing, and easy access to the Squaw Valley Village and Squaw Tram.

Lake Tahoe is 15 minutes to the east and historic Truckee California is located to the west. The Reno International Airport is just an hour away.

If you have booked your hotel at Montbleu Resort, your reservation will be cancelled. You will need to re-book your hotel at the Resort at Squaw Creek.

We are very excited for what will be an amazing new experience for the Tahoe Show athletes!

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