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If you were me and you had a choice of several different brands of Test E, which would you take? which one would you use? Geneza Pharmaceuticals or Naps Gear? price is not an issue.

A: Hmmm, well normally questions like this are tricky because the fact is, personal preference and individual body chemistry drive answers. I ‘ve used the Naps Gear in the past and had no complants. Geneza too. In my opinion, Either Geneza or Naps is the way to go if you can get it, is the best there is. It’s really a clean drug and Naps makes it best. But that’s the point: Getting the authentic, genuine article. The problem is, Naps is so widely counterfeited, it’s almost impossible to know. A friend recently had great results using Dragon Pharma Test E, so it’s really about trying all of these and seeing which works best on your body. Knowing authenticity of packaging is the most important bit of knowledge you can possess these days – even more so than knowing stacks expertly.


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