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The World’s Best Squatters: Strength Weekly

Strength Weekly is the new show taking you in depth on all aspects of the barbell game and beyond! This week, we break down four of the biggest stories in strength.

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In this episode, we cover 74 year-old Rudy Kadlub squatting OVER his own world record,
Andrew Hause setting all time squat and total world records, and Jesus Olivares goes OVER 1,000 pounds.

We also have the schedule and location for the new-look CrossFit Games season.

Today, hosts David Thomas Tao and Phil Blechman break down:

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00:00 Intro and Run of Show
02:00 Rudy Kadlub has masters powerlifting on lock
05:15 Andrew Hause’s historic world records
08:25 Why is the deadlift tougher for superheavyweight lifters?
09:00 Jesus Olivares, successor to squatting greatness?
12:20 Why is the 2024 CrossFit Games different?

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