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Which Competitor Makes Olympia 2019 Top 5

William Bonac Versus Cedric McMillan

Which Competitor Makes Olympia 2019 Top 5

William Bonac proved quite impressive at last weekends Arnold Australia. Now That he has qualified for this years Mr. Olympia Contest the question is  Which Competitor Makes Olympia 2019 Top 5? William or Cedric

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William Bonac Arnold Australia


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Cedric McMillan Showed Up To Last Weekends Arnold Classic Australia Ready To Shine. However Cedric still needs to qualify for this years Mr Olympia. This means getting back on stage , prepping , dieting etc…While the only man to have beaten him last weekend has the entire year to prepare for the Olympia. A bit of a mind fuck for some competitors, so we will see how Cedric handles the pressure.

2nd Place Arnold Australia
Cedric McMillan


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  1. I like CEDRIC a lot too. Very pleasing to the eye type of physique. I see a bit of gyno forming in one of his pecs and hope he fixes that.
    Cedric has long looking leg muscles, I personally like them, but i could see why judges might not score as for this reason. Personally i think his physique is a bit of a throwback and pleasing to the eyes

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