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William Bonac To Put All Energy Into Olympia

William Bonac will fully set his sights on the Olympia after missing the Arnold Classic.

William Bonac has enjoyed great success at the Arnold Classic. Unfortunately, Bonac will miss this year’s event because of travel issues. With no appearance in the Arnold Classic, this means Bonac will have his sights set on the Olympia.

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Bonac is the reigning Arnold Classic champion in 2020. He also won the event in 2018 and placed second in 2019. On Friday, Bonac officially announced that he will not be able to compete on Saturday and will be fully focused on the Olympia.

“Today I feel like my heart is broken but tomorrow I will wake up and put all that energy into the final stages of my prep for Mr Olympia. We all fail and we all fall down sometimes but what matters the most is to stand up stronger. So this is what I will do now. Stay tuned!👑”

William Bonac has had success in the Olympia as well. He has five-straight top-five finishes, including two finishes in the top three. Bonac was not the first competitor to announced that he was unable to compete in the Arnold Classic.

Both Cedric McMillan and Roelly Winklaar were forced to withdraw from the competition with injuries. This is a loaded field at this year’s event and will still be something to watch even without some of the biggest names.

“There are a lot of great athletes in the line up for this year and I was really looking forward to step on stage and being challenged as defending champion. I live for this sport and especially for these great moments, so You might be able to imagine what I feel now.”

William Bonac has looked competition ready in recent social media updates and the makes his appearance in the Olympia one to watch. The recent news is unfortunate for one of the best in the spot but it just makes for what could be an incredible performance at the biggest event of the year.

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