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Antoine Vaillant Toronto Pro Show Precontest Photos

Toronto Pro Show Prep With Antoin Vaillant

Antoine Vaillant Heading Into the Toronto Pro

Antoine Vaillant Toronto Pro bulking cycle coming to a close Antoine is Nearing 300 pounds Yet Somehow Able To Keep His Symmetry. This is quite impressive, and more importantly it is the smart way to go about it! With just over 3 months until he A.V. is to hit the stage, he has left himself more than enough time to cut down slow enough as to not lose any muscle. A lot of bodybuilders under estimate the time it will take them to cut down into show shape, not leaving themselves enough time means many bodybuilders will lose some of their hard earned muscle gains trying to get into single digit body fat percentages. Kudo to Antoine Vaillant for doing it right!

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Bodybuilding Beast
Antoine Vaillant Toronto Pro Show Prep
Totonto pro 2019
Antoine Vaillant Pre-contest

Instagram Antoine Vaillant

 Imagine Those Legs Tanned!
Pale as Fuck! Antoine Vaillant Quads

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The Toronto IFBB Pro Qualifier is an annual event held in conjunction with the Toronto Pro SuperShow. It features the best physiques in the province. Overall Winners in the Open Classes receive an IFBB Pro Card.



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