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⭕️How often should we train "to failure" ? Introducing the Pheasyque Effort-Volume Model⭕️⁣

I created this model by putting together the data available on the topic but also the understanding that we have on volume and its correlation to hypertrophy, and fatigue (more importantly CNS fatigue). ⁣

Training to task failure (reaching the point at which we're no longer able to complete another repetition with that given weight) is the only definition of volume that is directly correlated to hypertrophy.. however, that doesn't mean that stopping before failure doesn't create hypertrophy, provided the right context.⁣

In fact, depending on how much volume load (reps x sets x weight) we perform and accumulate weekly we can decide how often we should go to failure to maximize hypertrophy.⁣

Less weekly volume -> reach task failure more often. (Even if you accumulate fatigue, you have plenty of time to recover)⁣

More weekly volume -> reach task failure less often. (By not training to failure often, you don't accumulate excessive fatigue)⁣

In a sense, the amount of failure training we perform is inversely correlated to the amount of weekly volume we should perform, where lower training volumes can be seen as "more efficient" ways to train (in terms of amount of training volume load/ amount of sessions performed weekly).⁣