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Powerlifter Pablo Olivares Sets 400-kg (881.8 lb) Raw Squat PR In Training

One of the most popular athletes in powerlifting currently is Jesus Olivares, but what many don’t know is that he has a younger, but almost equally impressive brother, Pablo Olivares. Pablo is 23-years-old and resembles his brother quite a bit. Like Jesus, Pablo possesses incredible squat strength and he has just reached a massive milestone. During his recent training session, Pablo worked up to a 400-kilogram (881.8-pound) squat, which is a new personal record (PR) for him. He caught the achievement on camera and shared it on his Instagram.

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Pablo Olivares only used a lifting belt, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps. All of these are utilized to prevent injuries without affecting the lifting abilities in any significant way. So, Pablo’s new 400-kilogram (881.8-pound) PR is also raw.

Pablo Olivares exhibited no signs of struggle during the lift, making the new PR appear effortless. Moreover, he was very proud of his achievement, so he couldn’t contain his excitement. He let out a few loud screams and spat out his mouth guard.

Watch the lift here:

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Pablo Olivares impressed quite a few people with his new 400-kilogram (881.8-pound) squat PR, including two powerlifting World Record holders. First of the two was his brother, Jesus Olivares, who stood behind Pablo as a spotter. Despite his adoration for his brother, his reaction shows he was awed by his strength as well.

The other World Record holder who was impressed by Pablo Olivares was Ashton Rouska. Ashton is particularly known for his squat prowess, so a compliment from him goes a long way. He left a comment under Pablo’s post, saying:

“Too damn easy!!”

Pablo Olivares replied to Ashton explaining how his next goal is squatting 410 kilograms (903 pounds).

Pablo Olivares’ Powerlifting Career

Pablo Olivares has been competing in powerlifting since 2015 when he was just 15-years-old. In addition, during these eight years of competing, Pablo has consistently improved. If this trend continues in the next one or two years, then he will become a Squat World Record contender.

Overall, Pablo Olivares has taken part in 12 sanctioned competitions and won just four of them. However, all of his wins have come in the past two years, which proves that he is just now fulfilling his potential.

Pablo Olivares’ Competition PRs

  • Squat: 380 kilograms (837.7 pounds) — (2023 USAPL Texas Strength Classic)
  • Bench Press: 215 kilograms (474 pounds) — (2023 USAPL Texas Strength Classic)
  • Deadlift: 340 kilograms (749.5 pounds) — (2022 AMP Classic Open Nationals Presented by SBD)
  • Total: 925 kilograms (2,039.3 pounds) — (2023 USAPL Texas Strength Classic)

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Pablo Olivares Competition History

Personal Bests

Equip Squat Bench Deadlift Total Dots
Raw 837.8 474 837.8 2039.3 470.5
Single-ply 550 250 550 1260 315.93

Competition Results

Place Fed Date Competition Division Total Dots
1 USAPL 2023-02-25 Texas Strength Classic MR-O 2039.3 470.5
1 AMP 2022-06-18 Nationals MR-Jr 2000.7 467.55
2 AMP 2022-04-01 Classic Open Nationals Presented by SBD MR-O 1984.2 469.21
1 USAPL 2021-12-11 Texas Open MR-O 1962.1 464.28
1 USAPL 2021-09-11 Iron Wars MR-Jr 1885 444.07
3 USAPL 2020-12-12 Collegiate Cup and Texas Open MR-O 1714.1 410.96
2 USAPL 2020-12-12 Collegiate Cup and Texas Open MR-Jr 1714.1 410.96
4 THSPA 2017-01-11 Snyder Tiger Invitational Boys 1260 315.93
NS THSPA 2016-03-12 Boys Region 1 Division 1 Championship Boys
5 THSPA 2016-02-27 Midland High Power Invitational Boys 1205 306.12
DQ THSPA 2016-01-30 Seminole Invitational Boys
8 THSPA 2015-01-31 Seminole Invitational Boys 815 212.4

Data Source: Open Powerlifting. Last Updated: April 12, 2023

Pablo Olivares has already set his sights on some heavier weights, as he hopes to eventually lift over 422 kilograms (930 pounds) by the end of the year. Pablo is making great progress, so he may be able to lock out even more weight within a few months. So, it remains to be seen what Pablo’s limits are.

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