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Roelly Winklaar Does Intense Training for Olympia Prep in Return to the Gym

Roelly Winklaar trains intensely for Olympia prep.

The 2021 Olympia is right around the corner and the qualified competitors are getting ready for the big show. With Big Ramy winning the 2020 Olympia, the landscape has completely shifted. While Big Ramy could repeat in 2021, it’s possible that he could be challenged by his fellow competitors. One of those challengers could be Roelly Winklaar who is back to training in the gym.

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After being out of the gym for quite some time now, Roelly Winklaar is finally getting back to intense training. Apparently the gyms in his countries were still closed meaning he couldn’t train to at the very least maintain his physique. While he didn’t get out of shape, you can imagine this turn of events was frustrating for Winklaar.

But in a recent trip to the US, Roelly Winklaar was able to stop off in Seattle, Washington. While he was there, Winklaar was able to put in some much needed work in the gym. “The Beast” attacked the weights with gusto and looked pumped up to finally lift some iron once again.

With the 2021 Olympia taking place in October this year, Roelly Winklaar still has enough time to get himself in championship level condition. Should he focus on adding size to his frame or is conditioning the key to success for the popular bodybuilder?

Based on the performance of Big Ramy, conditioning should be paramount for Winklaar who has always had impressive size. If he can match the size of Big Ramy as well as attain some great conditioning, who knows how far he could go at the 2021 Olympia.

Are you excited to see Roelly Winklaar back in the gym?

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