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First Trenbolone Acetate Cycle:

Trenbolone Acetate is by far the best choice for anyone considering which ester tranbolone to stack with their testosterone cycle. Anyone familiar with the Tren family will tell you this is particular ester is shortest in half life aside from the esterless base trenbolone and that it more easily controlled should any unwanted negative side effects occur.

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How Much Trenbolone Acetate:

If this is your first time using this steroid then you can get away with 50mg every other day and still reap the benefits by way of massive strength and muscle gains. This is obviously in addition to testosterone, as i would advise anyone agaist running a cycle of trenbolone by itself!

Its always advisable whenever possible to try running similar half lifes with the hormones your stacking together.  So since were talking about trenbolone acetate, the obvious choice for ester life realtionship would be Testosterone Propionate. You can successfully run propionate every other day as well right alongside your Trenbolone acetate.

Test Propionate: 200mg EOD

Tren Acetate: 50mg EOD

Can I Mix Injectable Steroids In The Same Syringe?

Provided both or all of your injectables are oil based steroids, then yes you can mix them and inject them all together. Never Mix Oil and Water based steroids in the same syringe.


Trenbolone Acetate & testosterone Propionate Cycle Length:

I would suggest you run this combination for 12 weeks.


First Trenbolone Cycle Expectations:

We actually have a great post on this, with a week by week account of Trenbolone Expectations in our Anabolic Steroid Forum. You can find that link at the bottom of this article named “Trenbolone Expectation”. 

What I can say provided your doing everything right is that you can expect a lot of attention. You’r size change after and even half way through your first trenbolone cycle will be noticable. So just be ready for it.

“What is he on”

“He’s Juicing”

“Juice Head”



How To Train On My First Trenbolone Cycle:

Yes, it matters how you train on your very first run with this compound stacked with your testosterone. Provided your training 3 days per week minimum, and when I say training, I mean your using free weights, not machines, or bands or God knows what else. It would serve you well to go heavy especially in the big 3! Bench, Squat and Deadlift. If you don’t train even one of those three, then you have no business running tren of any kind. Tren is a game changer, and should be treated as such through how you train. Its a harsh compound, that comes with more negative side effects than most any other steroid out there, and there is no point in using it if your not going to take full advantage of its benefits.

This means Every workout should be planned out around whichever of the BIG 3 compound exercises your performing that day. Lay in bed each night visualizing the next day in the gym, exercise by exercise, the entire workout. Make sure you to stick to your planned workout. If your ready to move on to the next exercise and someone else is still training there, Do NOT be the guy who walks away and settles to use the rope pull down machine when you’re suppose to be doing skull crushers!

Don’t stand there waiting for them to get finished either!  Ask “Hey can I work in?”  99.999999% of the time, the person is one of two things, almost done, or happy to let you work in.

Yes, it is that important to maintain your training schedule, and workout routine!


What Should Diet Look Like On First Trenbolone Acetate Cycle?:


If your doing everything talked about above, then you’ll have no problem eating like theres no tomorrow! At this point in the game its not so much what you eat as it is when you eat. Yes, timing matters, and especially so when you begin using other compounds like insulin or IGF 1 lr3, but for now it is just important that you eat more meals spread out through the day as opposed to eating one or two big meals and picking at little junk snacks all day.

You do not need to consume 2-3 grams of protein per pound of your body weight in order to pack on muscle!

No other compound in my opinion can do to an athletes body what trenbolone can when stacked with other steroids such as testosterone like the cycle above.


Your 2nd Trenbolone Cycle:

Here is One of those rare instances where the first time wasn’t the best time, Your 2nd Trenbolone Cycle.


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Myogen Trenbolone






  1. Trenbolone Acetate
    In the eyes of many and we tend to agree Trenbolone Acetate is the single greatest anabolic steroid of all time. Of course we know what many will say, Tren is Tren regardless of the ester and while this is true with many anabolic steroids it simply doesn’t appear to be so cut and dry here. Of course Trenbolone Acetate is not without side effects, it is an anabolic steroid you’re putting in your body and all anabolic steroids and all medications you put into your body can cause problems. While that remains true we are not here to discuss the negative aspects, there are plenty of other links that discuss that particular issue, we’re here to simply talk about how great Trenbolone Acetate truly is.
    It’s not hard to see how and why Tren a as it is often referred to is so fantastic. When we look at the traits it provides we find them to be nearly each and every trait any performance enhancer could ever desire. Further, by simply looking at this steroids original intent and by the manner it has been used to beef up cattle and very successfully so, it’s not hard to see how and why this steroid is so amazing. From its original Finaplix form to the now many underground Trenbolone Acetate labels, in any case we truly have with the exception of testosterone the most versatile anabolic steroid at our disposal in Tren and when coupled with the Acetate ester the most stable and efficient anabolic steroid of all time.
    Trenbolone Acetate Functions & Traits:
    In order to understand and appreciate any steroids power you must have an understanding of its various functions and traits and in this case you better believe they’re nothing short of amazing. While it remains true many of these traits are shared by many other anabolic steroids and while that may be true they’re simply more enhanced here. Further, as we will see, Trenbolone Acetate will provide some uniqueness all its own that truly makes it stand out from and above the rest.
    The functions and traits of Trenbolone-Acetate include:
    By its nature in which it performs Trenbolone Acetate greatly affects the naturally produced anabolic hormone IGF-1, a very powerful hormone of the peptide class that effects nearly every cell in the human body. This is important simply because the presence of Tren a greatly increases the amount of IGF-1 produced.
    Like many anabolic steroids Trenbolone Acetate increases red blood cell count and greatly increases nitrogen retention in the muscles, two key components in performance. While many other steroids do this as well Tren a simply does it better.
    Like most steroids Trenbolone Acetate speeds up recovery, our body recovers faster and we regenerate at a greater level of efficiency when Tren a is present. Again, while many steroids provide this trait Tren a simply does it better.
    By its nature Trenbolone Acetate binds heavily to the androgen receptors thereby promoting anabolic activity and even fat loss. A lot of steroids of course carry these traits to a degree but when it comes to promoting direct fat loss Trenbolone Acetate is one of the few steroids that can boast to directly burn fat in such a pronounced manner.
    As by its nature Trenbolone Acetate blocks and reduces glucocorticoid hormones, the hormones that destroy muscle tissue and promote fat gain.
    Trenbolone Acetate greatly increases nutrient efficiency or feed efficiency. This is a fantastic trait, for as you understand food is the most important factor and the most anabolic tool you have. With Trenbolone Acetate present you actually enhance the nutrients you eat, they become more valuable, you get more out of them.

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